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We are glad that you have interest in our educational service!

Working with us, you can see that the service is easy to use and its interface is intuitive. In this article we tell you about some features of Studeo-study.

For ease to use, select the language of the site! English or Arabic is at your disposal.

For working with the main pages of our service, firstly you have to sign up. After doing simple operations, you get access to your personal profile, where you can change the username, password and profile picture.

Also in your personal profile you can see dictionaries that you have just chosen for studying, already started and available for future selection.

After registration you will be able not only to browse our blog-section, where scientific articles on medicine, agronomy, biology and other specialties published in English and Arabic, but also to comment and discuss its with other users.

To start learning words and terms you need to go to the Dictionaries page. Selecting necessary from the list of dictionaries and adding it to the study, the number of words for studying will increase by the number of words available in this dictionary. Each dictionary is presented in two variety in the Arabic version of the site: Arabic-English or Arabic-Latin; and Latin-English - in the English version of the site.

There is a study cycle consisting of 4 stages for each term from the dictionary. Each stage contains 2 steps – the same task repeats 2 times. Thus, one study cycle for each word includes 8 steps. Complexity of the task increases on the each next stage. Let's look at this process in more detail.

The first stage is considered to be successfully passed if the correct Arabic or English (depending on the user's language) name is selected 2 times.

For successful passing of the second stage, it is necessary to choose the correct English or Latin (depending on the selected dictionary) name 2 times.

At the third stage it is necessary to write the correct English or Latin name 2 times.

The task of the fourth stage is to match the correct English or Latin terms with Arabic or English.

If you make a mistake, you have to do this and the previous step again.

After successfully passing of all 8 steps for all words of this dictionary, when all terms are learned, the dictionary ceases to be available for re-learning. Therefore, if you need this dictionary again, you can use the reset button, which resets the mark about of process of study and the dictionary will become available to you again. If you no longer need the dictionary, you can delete it by clicking on the button as a recycle bin.

The objects and phenomenon have a variety of names. We have collected for you the most common of them. For more information, go to a specific dictionary and opposite the term you are interested in you can see a button as an eye. Clicking on it, you get available Latin, Arabic, English names, and additional names. Moreover, you get familiarized with the view of this object or phenomenon. You will also see this information in the process of learning terms after clicking the CHECK button.

Your opinion about our service is very important for us, so we are waiting for your suggestions and reports about errors we may have made.

Register, read articles, share your opinion, pass tasks and you will see how easy to learn with us! We wish you good luck and success!

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icon to author Julia Shilovich