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We are glad to welcome you to our educational service!

The service helps students of agricultural, biological, medical and other related specialties to learn and make progress in these areas in various ways.

As a key section, we provide you dictionaries designed for more convenient, high-quality and fast learning of Latin and English terms from taxonomy, meteorology, entomology and other disciplines.

You just select the necessary vocabulary and perform exercises with increasing difficulty. Each exercise contains a picture corresponding to the studied word. This submission of information helps you to associate the term with the object or phenomenon and contributes to better memorization.

On our service you can also apply and expand your existing knowledge. In the Blog section you can find relevant articles from the scientific world as in the original language as translated into Arabic.

We are young and we have a strong plan for further development! In the nearest future, we are expecting updates as new sections for the study of medicinal and aromatic plants, theoretical materials and tests on specialties, as well as the translation of the site into other languages. Stay tuned!

We wish you success in your studies and a pleasant and effective pastime!

icon to date 2019-10-21
icon to author Julia Shilovich